Arnova 9G2 ICS Update

The Arnova is a not badly specced budget tablet. I orignially wanted a fairly low spec tablet so that I didn’t try to do things with it that were better suited to being undertaken on a fully fledged machine.

Out of the box it ships with Gingerbread (a bit old hat really), however there is an ICS dump from one of the new Italian Arnova tablets. This can be flashed onto the device by placing the tablet into recovery mode. In the case of the 9G2 you need to press and hold power and menu whilst using a pin to push the reset button. Fiddly, but easy one you’ve done it.

Then the flashing procedure is done using the Rockchip tool, by using the included RK29Update.exe it is essential that you check both the “Loader” and the “Remove IDB” boxes. Point the tool at the ICS dump and hit flash. The tablet will then go through the flashing procedure and then reboot running ICS with Google Play and Apps in place.

I’m sure that the release will get some fine tuning over time. I’ll keep my eyes out for updated versions.

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