Dell 1320C on Ubuntu 18.04 +

I finally got round to sorting out the Dell 1320C colour laser printer for modern Ubuntu distros.

The Dell 1320c is a rebadged Fuji printer that couldn’t give a crap about you wanting to use generic toners. So perfect for my minimal printing that causes inkjet cartridges to block up due to lack of use.

It has worked fine for a good 12 years, however time does move on.

The biggest issue is that there is a dependency on libcups2:i386 for the filters so this is something that needs to be installed on a 64 bit distro. Really does anyone have anything else these days?

Then the filters need to be placed within the CUPS directories and you should be good to go once you’ve added the printer using the PPD.

I’ve put all this together with a simple install script in a handy tarball to make life easy. Which has been superseeded by this new version thanks to comments from Simon.

It also has a custom PPD that adds in the 250 sheet paper tray by default. So no need to faff with the options to get your prints to work.

4 thoughts on “Dell 1320C on Ubuntu 18.04 +”

  1. Nice one, its the 32bit libcups2 I was missing.

    But the modified PPD and the one from FX still didn’t work out of the box.

    1) Your custom ppd – if you put it into the /usr/share/cups/model/dell/en folder – it will be available to the system. The one there is not the same as the root of the tarball

    2) Some files need permissions changes – the ppd needs 644 and the FXM_ filters need 755 (or at least 744 didn’t work and other files in the filters folder have 755)

    3) When installing the printer shows up under the original FX manufacturer – with a few changes to the PPD its possible to list this under the Dell manufacturer and then it MAY even find the printer when Ubuntu (in the GUI, not WebUI) searches.

    1. Hi Simon,

      I’ll get those fixes in place and reupload so that it doesn’t catch anyone else out.

      After having to rebuild a machine I thought it best to get the info I could remember scribbled down somewhere where ti may be useful to others.



      1. It’s a simple case of changing = “FX” to Dell.

        There is another Dell in the list with a few other models, probably best to match that instead of starting at duplicates (I didn’t look at why this was in a separate one at the time).

        Ubuntu’s printer dialogue then shows Dell (Recommended) in the list (though it doesn’t go ahead automatically). No need to manually select the PPD file though.

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