Linux Firewall Options in 2013 Part 2

I did get round to having a play with ZeroShell. I found it to be an excellent UTM appliance. The only snag with this distro was that it is designed to be run from CD-ROM and store it’s config on a flash drive. I’m a big fan of installing to hard disk wherever possible, particularity for a critical unit. Interesting, just as I was wondering which way to turn having taken these distros out for a spin Fester of the Smoothwall community turned his previous development work into a Smoothwall 3.1 Release Candidate. I was always interested in the Phaeton / Roadster development work he was undertaking, but it seemed to be too far from production ready.

I have since taken RC2 and 3 out for a spin and am quite happy with how these have performed so far. Looks like there may be another couple of RC’s before going final. Smoothwall 3.1 is really Smoothwall 3 that has been modernised, The exciting development looks to be appearing in the future.

So I’m back firmly in the Smoothwall camp for the foreseeable future.

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