Linux Firewall Options in 2013 Part 2

I did get round to having a play with ZeroShell. I found it to be an excellent UTM appliance. The only snag with this distro was that it is designed to be run from CD-ROM and store it’s config on a flash drive. I’m a big fan of installing to hard disk wherever possible, particularity for a critical unit.  Continue reading Linux Firewall Options in 2013 Part 2

Linux Firewall Options in 2013

I’m a bit security conscious with my network at home. I run a perimeter firewall sat directly behind the DSL Modem which then feeds multiple internal networks. Since 2003 I have been running Smoothwall Express for this purpose. It has performed well in this role, the main concern I have is that development support from Smoothwall Ltd seems to have stalled. The last major release was in 2006, there have been some service packs. The environment Smoothwall is in is moving faster than development is. Continue reading Linux Firewall Options in 2013

Get_iplayer under Debian Squeeze

Since I’ve been using my tablet on commutes to catch up on Have I Got News For You and Jools Holland, I’ve needed a way to download from iPlayer. I happened across get_iplayer via a bit of Googling. All looked relatively straightforward to set-up. However I did find some codec issues, as the BBC do like to move the goalposts somewhat. As you’re going to be doing quite a bit of privileged commands I’ll leave it up to you as to how you want to get round this with a sudo -s or fully blown root session. It’s your call. Have a look after the jump for the full destructions to get up and running. Continue reading Get_iplayer under Debian Squeeze

Bravo Audio

Bravo Audio Amp Close-upI spent a bit of time over the Jubilee Weekend burning in the Bravo Audio Headphone Amp. The amp runs an 12AU7 valve which is a dual triode tube, which gives an independent stereo path through a single component.

The amp (pictured left) was always designated to live in the office, as I spend a significant portion of my day listening to music on reference quality headphones. The output from the PC was just too low to comfortably drive them. So I knew an amp would be needed. Continue reading Bravo Audio

New blog

Hello all,

I’ve decided to embark on a new blog. Some for other’s interest, mainly for mine though. I like playing with software and hardware, and this gives me a space to document what I’m doing with either. It also serves as an aide memoir when something I’ve been using for ages fails, and I need to get it back online.

I need to sort out a theme for this blog, as the default is pretty horrible. I’ll get on to it over the next few days.